Find the best toys 2020 at Baby Born store

There are huge numbers of toys that kids can enjoy, while purchasing from top stores around the UK. Here in this article, we bring you the best toys 2020 from Baby Born.

Baby Born Unicorn Onesie and Accessory Set

Cost: £30

Suitable age: 3 years and above

The Unicorn Onsie comes as a fabulous unicorn themed outfit. Adding to it, an accessory set is also available in the pack. The set includes a T-Shirt, bodysuit, multi-coloured tutu, slippers, eye mask, unicorn shawl, wearable charms, and bottle. The outfits are suitable for Baby Born doll up to 43cm. However, dolls need to be purchased separately.

Baby Born Soft Touch Boy Doll

Cost: £45

Associating the above product mentioned, the baby suite and accessories can be used for this baby doll. However kids need to undress this Soft Touch Baby Doll with the new dress worn to it. This boy doll corresponds to the real-time features including using the potty, drinking water, eating, sleeping, crying tears, and being bathed.

Arms move more flexible and can also be put in hugging poses. There are 11 accessories including nappy, feeding bowl and spoon, bottle, dummy bracelets, and dummy birth certificate. These types of toys can be purchased and given as a Baby Born surprise to your kids.

Baby Born Baby Evolve

Cost: £59.99

Suitable age: 3 years and above

The multi-functioning Baby Evolve can be the best accessory to travel to anywhere with your kid. This brings a flexibility to push easily with the foam handles attached to it. The adjustable hood and basket help fulfill the protection and storage requirement respectively. You just can’t imagine a long trip without easily carrying equipment like Baby Evolve for your kid.

Baby Born Boutique Fashion Shop

Cost: £149.99

Suitable age: 3 years and above

Get the real shopping experience as you shop over 75 accessories, including fashionable outfits, shop fittings, and great fashion accessories with Baby Born Boutique Fashion Shop. Kids in the group have all the fun as they can shop and also maintain the cash register to add up the sales figure. The pack of toys features a scanner, cash drawer, and sound effects too.

Kids can also find a mirror and display area while shopping bags, sunglasses, and jewelers. All the accessory sets can be applied on the mannequins, shelves, and hangers. All the items can be stored easily in the boutique by folding, for easy storage. Also find other Baby Born Toys that are available at lower costs compared to other stores.

Baby Born Brunette Sister Doll

Cost: £45

Suitable age: 3 years and above

This is a female version of the toy mentioned in the 2nd position of this article. Kids can replace the clothing and accessories for this doll with the product mentioned on the top (Baby Born Unicorn Onesie and Accessory Set). Baby Born Brunette Sister Doll can drink, cry, and bath. It is a 43cm doll that can become a best friend as your kids play with her.

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